Immense love
from over 30 million global users

A feast of hundreds of wonderful global dishes and desserts!
A worldwide culinary journey with Norma.
"Cooking Adventure™" is the global version of the casual cooking simulation game "My Little Chef," available through Facebook as a canvas app/cloud gaming platform and mobile service in various countries, including Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan.
Since its initial introduction in the second half of 2016, "Cooking Adventure™" has garnered immense love from over 30 million global users and achieved significant success in the global market, earning recognition for its gameplay and popularity among local gamers.
Currently, "Cooking Adventure™" captivates the hearts of global users with its appealing graphics and diverse gameplay elements, and continues to achieve ongoing growth and success through consistent updates and communication with local gamers.
the game's protagonist character, 'Norma'
over 50 restaurants
exquisite graphics/sound
500+ culinary recipes from around the world
diverse and unique guest characters.
Constant events, Endless cooking