Grampus New Simulation GameCooking Adventure!

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All the delicious foods from around the world visit you.Meet various world dishes with ‘NORMA’!

Grill House

Sushi House

Coffee House

Pasta House

Donuts House

Chinese House

Indian House

Mexican House

Ramen House

Korean House

Ice Cream Truck

Hamburger Truck

Spanish Restaurant

What is Next?

Meet the various guests who appear in the game!Using special guests strategically, joy and fun of the game is twice as much as fun!


If you want to make high sales,
you need to upgrade your kitchen appliances and interior deco!

  • Upgrade the kitchen appliance and cooking ingredients
  • Rising cooking speed, cooking price, and quantity of food!

  • The overall interior of a restaurant
  • Improve business hours, increase customer time, and tip up

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