Grampus is a casual game company

Grampus will cheer your creative passion.

Grampus is a game studio  that has been established in the Republic of Korea in Seoul in January 2014. Recently, the game became somewhat slowed the market as an opportunity, start-up in carrying out the challenge. We, just beyond the great game, and the world provide a game that was made with the best quality, It is a studio there is a focus to make a casual game memorable. It is not a one-shot deal, since it is preparing a long war if there is a position you are interested please support do not hesitate!


  • GRAMPUS is located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. (
  • Autonomous commute, 5-day workweek, has implemented the annual salary.
  • Freely use the vacation of 15 days.
  • PC (laptop, desktop) that individuals wishing to provide a payment and additional equipment.
  • Together provide a lunch / dinner, it offers a mini-bar (such as snacks / beverages).
  • Only the seeker long distance residents, we have implemented a telecommuting system.


  • Monthly we proceed with the cultural activities. (Cinema, conference, and exhibition)
  • Holidays, anniversaries, such as the end of the year Given of something meaningful one day It offers a gift certificate.
  • Respect each other and strive for a good atmosphere.
  • Speaking one by one description, however something good company we will try to become.


    • There are no guidelines to support the joining.
    • After you have created in their own form, please send e-mail ( (Art & User Experience parts, thank you to link the portfolio.)
    • Since the basis of the acceptance has been form, schedule and individual notification.
  • Process : Documents received> Members Interview> Interview Officers> Treatment consultation> joined
  • May become rapid adoption deadline is full of good people. Hope to…


  • In addition to the above list Grampus is also possible team unit joined. (Social casino development team such as poker, slots are ‘Big’ welcome.)
  • Other For any questions, you can talk with feel free to e-mail (