Very very long time ago, there was a planet where dogs lived in who loved numbers.
The dogs living there enjoyed a happy life, entertaining themselves with bingo.

One day, a spaceship with ‘NUMBERS’ on board, who lived on the Planet of Evil,
made an emergency landing on their planet...

Looking around on the planet for parts to fix his spaceship
‘NUMBERS’ saw the dogs happily playing bingo,
and decided to plunder all of their numbers.
In order to plunder the world's numbers, ‘NUMBERS’ summoned the power of darkness…
The bingo numbers which the dogs loved began disappearing one by one.

The dogs had lost their numbers and were extremely unhappy,
So in order to catch ‘NUMBERS’, the thief who had stolen their numbers,
they formed an expedition made up of ‘SUNNY’,’ ALEX’ and ‘BASS’.

Will they be able to catch ‘NUMBERS’ since he's left earth and recover their numbers?
Let's go! Bingo Adventure!


STEP 1. Select Game RoomThe structure of world cities according to their level game room opens.
Please also boast a friend collect badges.

STEP 2. Choose Bingo CardsFrom 1 up to 4 Enjoy want to buy bingo cards.

STEP 3. Select game items & Betting systemPurchase the selected item to the coin items.
Betting system to gain more profits is optional.

STEP 4. Bingo games startRemember the numbers flowing up the game screen, click your card!

STEP 5. Use of random itemsIf the underlying bony item on your card, click 3, randomly generated items!
Random items will be available for purchase bone pockets.

STEP 6. Wow Bingo!Please use your memory and faster item well Shout Bingo!
Enjoy ranking competition with your friends!

Initial tests show that ios 8 beta does not fix anything.